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Wood Stripping

If you would like to do the finishing work yourself and leave the messy stripping work to us, we would be happy to quote you a price for stripping only. We do strip painted pieces as well. A popular option is "strip & repair" where we would take care of the more difficult repairs and leave the finishing to you.

CHEM-CLEAN® is the most technologically advanced furniture stripping system available today. A system that is the result of thirty years of innovation, continual research and improvement. A system designed to meet or exceed all governmental regulations.

The CHEM-CLEAN® solvents do not contain acid, alkali, or paraffin thus eliminating the need for a water wash off or neutralization of the stripped piece of furniture. The piece is simply stripped and set aside to dry. No water is ever used in the CHEM-CLEAN® system; this minimizes grain raising and the resultant need for sanding.


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