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Furniture Restoration

Restoring and repairing furniture is a labor of love. Old or new, modern or antique, we strive to bring out the greatest potential in your furniture, and exceed your expectations in the process. Every piece we work on receives comprehensive, hands-on attention

We believe that preserving the historical integrity and originality of a piece is key to quality restoration. The CHEM-CLEAN® solvents do not contain acid, alkali, or paraffin thus eliminating the need for a water wash off or neutralization of the stripped piece of furniture. The piece is simply stripped and set aside to dry. Since no water is ever used in the CHEM-CLEAN® system, grain raising and the need for sanding are greatly reduced. Especially important is that the patina in the wood is not disturbed since the solvent used is mild enough.

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Antique Furniture Restoration
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